Day 3 – 30 Days of Blogging – Breakfast

  Up until recently breakfast was something I never engaged in , apart from weekends, and at that it was always more brunch than breakfast.   One of the first things I have been working on with Sarah (the dietician I have been seeing to help with my new healthy lifestyle) is to start eating breakfast.  It took two weeks for me to crack ... by crack I mean I now wake up hungry and really find it hard to skip breakfast! How did I do it?  Well there were a few ways. First of all was setting my table for breakfast the night before.  I am a very visual person so the way something looks is very important to me.  I like pretty [...]

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Day 2 of 30 Days of Blogging – 30 days of Walking

As if one challenge (see previous blog post) wasn't enough I decide to do several at once! What can I say, maybe it's the Gemini in me. This challenge is (I should say 'was' as I've just completed it but for the purpose of my blog posting challenge I'm going back in time) 30 days of walking.  Despite being completed I'm not stopping there.  I'm going to keep on going as I just love it !! To help me on my way I created this printable that I've got posted up in my kitchen where I can cross off each day I've walked and the length of time I walked. I don't know what it is, maybe the psychology of putting a big X in [...]

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New Year New Me

Big sigh as I type this because I've written and re-written this blog post a few times! I'm also salivating thinking of croissants after uploading that image :D So here goes - final time .... A few weeks ago I posted this on my personal Facebook page in a total knee jerk reaction to this video clip of Kate Winslet. I'll be honest I had no intention whatsoever of sharing this.  I often see things that I love or that drive me made on Facebook and type a reply but delete it, but this time I hit post.  My friend rang me a few seconds later, not knowing what I had done, and I was shaking!!  I really was.  I think that says a [...]

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