DIY Fabric Pumpkin Tutorial

Fancy making your own super cute fabric pumpkin?  They are so easy to make, trust me!  Best of all they can be made with any fabrics you already have in your stash.   They are the perfect decoration for your home for Halloween and best of all you can make them in the style you like that goes with your home! Download my free tutorial here  diy-fabric-pumpkins  with step by step instructions and photographs of each step.  Any problems just let me know.   I made three at a time when I was writing the instructions, just because I love making them and it's quicker to do them all at once. Trust me - you are going to want to make more than one!   GO [...]

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Ireland in Stitches

  I have always had a love of maps and remember drawing them constantly in school.  I also love reading maps and drawing my own every time I visit a new place.  Weird to some maybe but I love it!  However, despite this keen interest in maps I stumbled across a gorgeous shop on facebook in a certain county in Ireland and thought to myself "where on earth is that"?  I know we're not exactly a gargantuan country but I couldn't place it.  So I off I went to Mr Google to find out and whilst there I remembered a project I had started for my previous blog and thought now is the time to finish it.  So off I went in search of [...]

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