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DIY Fabric Pumpkin Tutorial

Fancy making your own super cute fabric pumpkin?  They are so easy to make, trust me!  Best of all they can be made with any fabrics you already have in your stash.   They are the perfect decoration for your home for Halloween and best of all you can make them in the style you like that goes with your home! Download my free tutorial here  diy-fabric-pumpkins  with step by step instructions and photographs of each step.  Any problems just let me know.   I made three at a time when I was writing the instructions, just because I love making them and it's quicker to do them all at once. Trust me - you are going to want to make more than one!   GO [...]

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Networking – out of my comfort zone

For all my regular readers this is your advanced warning - This post is nothing to do with sewing, nothing to do with craft and there are no pics of coffee, fabric or my kitchen.  This post is about networking.  I hate to burst everyone's bubble but the reason I get to sew most days, post pictures of my latest makes and cups of coffee in pretty cups is because I became self employed doing what I love and working from home.  Despite what a lot of people think, going by my social media posts, I probably spend 70% of my time doing anything but sewing/creating.  When you are "in business" you have to wear umpteen hats.  My main business is running workshops from [...]

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Blowing off the cobwebs

It's been a super busy few weeks here in the cottage with workshops and other projects I'm working on so my walks have been few and far between.  Ok, they have been a big fat Zero!  So, this week I've set my alarm every morning to get up and walk.  Have I?  Nope!  But this morning I did.  I woke up and thought "right it's time to blow the cobwebs off my trainers and get going" so off I jumped out of bed. Ironically just the mere thought of the walk gave me  more energy, before I even got going I put a wash on, hoovered the sitting room and cleared the ashes out of the stove!  I have a solid two days of work [...]

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Coffee and Crumpets

In an effort to encourage me to eat breakfast (aka most important meal of the day) I'm trying to give it a bit of a oomph and make it as pretty and tasty and desirable as I can ... as opposed to the usual no breakfast all routine until 11 ish when my tummy starts to growl like a bear in the woods! On this particular day I feel I succeeded.  As much as I love avocado if I see another morning picture of said avocado on toast in my morning IG feed I may just remove myself from what has become my favourite app!   This lemonyliscious mouth watering moon crater like crumpets are far more appealing, with the burst of bright red [...]

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SICAP Enterprise Awards – I’m shortlisted!

I am super excited to tell you that I have been shortlisted, as one of 12 businesses, for a SICAP Enterprise Award.   Eeeek! Yes me!! Twelve businesses in total have been shortlisted and the judging and awards take place on Monday 17th October at the Abbey Hotel, Roscommon. To say I am excited is an understatement.  Proud, humbled, chuffed to chuffing bits and all the rest!!  This means so much - just being nominated! On the 1st of January 2008 I sat in my apartment in Manhattan and typed my first ever blog post.  I had a dream. That dream was simple enough, to come back to Roscommon to my cottage and earn a living making, creating and running workshops.   A lot [...]

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Most favourite scones ever

It's the perfect afternoon for baking so I thought I'd share my most favourite scone recipe with you all.   "The most delicious scones ever" 1lb plain flour pinch of salt 1tsp bicarb of soda 2 tsp cream of tartar 1oz caster sugar 3oz sultanas 4.5 oz butter 1 beaten egg 9fl oz buttermilk These are my fav scones ever!  They are really light and sweet without being too sweet.  They are also crunchy on the bottom as opposed to chewy.  As you can see I'm quite particular about my scones. To make: Preheat oven to 220 C, Gas 7 Sieve all dry ingredients into bowl and grate in the butter straight from the fridge.  Rub the butter into the mixture until it resembles breadcrumbs. Add [...]

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Goodbye summer, hello Autumn

I know most of us have been waiting for summer to come but I'm all over Autumn. Here's just a few reasons why I love Autumn (Aka Fall) ... I think it's the most romantic time of the year I love the smell of autumn I love the colours I love the long evenings I love the autumn line up on tv - Strictly! I love cooking big stews Hot water bottles Pyjamas Pumpkin soup Halloween I love curling up on the sofa by the fire (although I seem to be doing that all summer) I love getting all my lovely winter woolens out (hmmm better add woolite to the shopping list) I love wearing layers with my cardis I love wearing my scarves ... I have [...]

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Ireland in Stitches

  I have always had a love of maps and remember drawing them constantly in school.  I also love reading maps and drawing my own every time I visit a new place.  Weird to some maybe but I love it!  However, despite this keen interest in maps I stumbled across a gorgeous shop on facebook in a certain county in Ireland and thought to myself "where on earth is that"?  I know we're not exactly a gargantuan country but I couldn't place it.  So I off I went to Mr Google to find out and whilst there I remembered a project I had started for my previous blog and thought now is the time to finish it.  So off I went in search of [...]

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Screen Printing Workshop

Screen Printing Workshops (image courtesty of Lets Create) Have you ever had an idea of something you have wanted to try and found yourself constantly saying “I must try that” and every so often watching you tube videos or reading blog posts about it but never finding yourself actually doing it? Well that’s the way it’s been for me and screen printing. For a few years I have had this plan, basically since starting my kid’s sewing camps, that I would screen print the doll patterns for them to use rather than spending ages tracing them out and cutting then cutting them.  However, despite watching several you tube videos, reading endless blog posts and even buying books on the process I just seemed to [...]

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