Big sigh as I type this because I’ve written and re-written this blog post a few times! I’m also salivating thinking of croissants after uploading that image 😀

So here goes – final time ….

A few weeks ago I posted this on my personal Facebook page in a total knee jerk reaction to this video clip of Kate Winslet.


I’ll be honest I had no intention whatsoever of sharing this.  I often see things that I love or that drive me made on Facebook and type a reply but delete it, but this time I hit post.  My friend rang me a few seconds later, not knowing what I had done, and I was shaking!!  I really was.  I think that says a lot.  This really meant that much to me.  Not only the message Kate Winslet was putting out there about being the “fat girl” but me posting it on my profile for everyone to see.  Holy crap!!

Then there was the response!  Oh my God, hand on heart I was blown away.  Not only by all the comments from friends and family but people that I barely know and the emails I received that really did make me cry.  I know you’re probably thinking pass the sick bucket. If you are you clearly are not, or never have been “fat”.   It’s so hard to explain and get across to people.  It’s not a choice, despite what some people think.  I never decided or wanted to be fat but I was and I am.  However I’m now hoping to change that and thankfully, one month on have made significant changes that have resulted in my losing six and a half pounds.  Happy is an understatement.



Tomorrow I’ll be sharing my Walking planner with you all to download if you fancy a walking challenge to start with as that is one of the big changes I have made.


If you are interested in hearing more about how I did this, with the help of Sarah Browne Dietitian, lots of motivation and willpower, and how I hope to continue losing weight and getting fit and healthy, keep an eye on this blog and instagram for updates.  I don’t expect to be turning my blog into an online diary but I will be sharing snippets of what I’ve done and what’s worked for me.  I try to use the hashtag #4less as my aim (my hope!) is to lose 4 stone.  Likewise if you have started a healthy eating or exercise regime I’d love to hear from you.  Share your comments below or post on facebook or instagram using the hashtag #4less.