A new addition

Before you all start thinking what I think you might be thinking …..  STOP!!  It’s not what you’re thinking.

This is simply a post about a lovely (well I think she’s lovely) addition to my soon to be launched ‘range’.

But before I go on I must say thank you

Thank you so much (I genuinely and sincerely mean this) to the lovely peeps who commented on this post and even emailed me direct from all over the world.  I am totally flattered and truly touched by what you all said.  It’s rather ironic that I was moaning (not really moaning but can’t think of another word right now) about comments from someone reading my blog and now I’m utterly glowing about the comments.  Maybe I just need to toughen up.  At the end of the day not everyone is nice and I do think that sometimes people who say nasty things have stuff going on in their own lives and the issue isn’t with you, it’s with them.  So that’s it, little moment of self doubt over.  Onwards and upwards.

So where was I?

Oh yes, Petite Fleur.

That’s her name

In fact I’ve been considering a business name change to just that but decided after years of building up the profile of michellemadethis that may not be a wise move.  However as I had thought about Petite Fleur for so long recently and spent hours doodling it everytime I was on the phone and picturing it at the top of my new website (yep it’s coming soon!!) I felt I had to use it somewhere and then this little munchkin appeared from the stash of fabric and memory bank of ideas in my head.

I started with this a few days ago.

Slowly but surely I ended up with this little munchkin. 
Introducing Petite Fleur 
Come on out and say hello Petite Fleur …
She’s a little shy

Come on Petie Fleur we want to see more than your paws :O) 

hmmm not your bottom, cheeky!
Now stop giggling and come out and say hello.  
I promise I’ll put your favourite song on if you do.

Ahhh there you are.  Come on now, you’re not normally this shy

Ahh Petite say hello, everyone is waiting, they all want to see you.

Ahhh there you are.
Are you going to say hello to everyone?

Well do you want to see her dance?? 
So there you go that’s Petite Fleur – just one of the many new things I’ve been working on for my new website coming soon :O) 
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  1. Anonymous 04/07/2012 at 3:33 pm

    Love her and her dance ! Emmy from California. Ps kEep your blog name as you always have. petit fleur can be your mascot

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