A walk in the woods

Today has been, still is, such a BEAUTIFUL day here in the West of Ireland. 
We are being blessed with the most stunning September I can ever recall.  The skies are just the most perfect blue and the sun is beaming all day long.  I’m still wearing my summer clothes and sun glasses every day, it’s just bliss!!
I was lucky enough to spend my morning with a lovely friend on a leisurely (hmmm maybe not so leisurely) walk (make that hike!) through Doughill Forest up Sliabh Ban mountain.  We checked it out on the map and estimated it to be 6k which is what I’ve been walking a lot lately but over three hours later we decided the map must be wrong :O) 

Hard to believe that this is only a couple of miles (or as they say in Ireland “a stones throw”) from my cottage and yet I have never been here.  That is all going to change.  It was just glorious! I can’t wait to go again. 

It was truly magical.  I don’t think we could have chose a better day.

There is nothing on this earth that can make you feel as good as a walk in the fresh air.  It blows away all the cobwebs and I always come home bursting with ideas and enthusiasm. 

I got a little over excited in the moment and burst into song at one point !

After three hours we finally made it to the summit …. 
Can’t say the summit itself was worth it, actually a little disappointing, but the walk up and back was most definitely worth it.  

I was so glad I had my camera.  Not only for the pics but for the fact that I finally worked out how to take a panoramic shot !!

Overall a truly fabulous day!
Have a great weekend peeps xx

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