All the leaves are brown ….

I slept in this morning and as a result I’ve had the day off and so far it’s been bliss :o)

I started the day with a walk and here’s a few pics I took along the way. A lot of people are a bit fed up about the weather turning cold but I love it. The leaves are all falling and turning brown down the drive to my cottage …..

and the berries are on the trees making me think of Christmas … only 70 days to go …….

Clearly all the spiders are getting ready for halloween – I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many spiders webs!!

After my walk I came home and had some brunch …. what a perfect day this is turning out to be. Fresh coffee, chicken & pesto pitta pocket and a pile of new magazines …. ok and a sneaky ginger chocolate coated biscuit mmmmmmmmmm

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