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Goodbye summer, hello Autumn

mmt comfy sofa

I know most of us have been waiting for summer to come but I’m all over Autumn.

autumn quote

Here’s just a few reasons why I love Autumn (Aka Fall) …

  • I think it’s the most romantic time of the year
  • I love the smell of autumn
  • I love the colours
  • I love the long evenings
  • I love the autumn line up on tv – Strictly!
  • I love cooking big stews
  • Hot water bottles
  • Pyjamas
  • Pumpkin soup
  • Halloween
  • I love curling up on the sofa by the fire (although I seem to be doing that all summer)
  • I love getting all my lovely winter woolens out (hmmm better add woolite to the shopping list)
  • I love wearing layers with my cardis
  • I love wearing my scarves … I have a few, ok A LOT!
  • I love coloured tights
  • I love my brown lace up boots
  • I love wearing my berets
  • I love my winter coats
  • Extra quilts to snuggle up in bed
  • Listening to the wind and rain 
  • Christmas is just around the corner
  • there are lots of evening classes to go to 
  • mmt christmas at the cottage
Do you like autumn or is it just me ?   Comment below with your reasons why you #loveautumn
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