Bedroom inspiration

I’m so excited I’ve just ordered the millie wallpaper.
In the end I ordered it from here as I was able to purchase it via ebay. I have to say they have been incredibly helpful as I was having a few probs with ebay. I just can’t wait to get it now.
In the meantime I’ve been searching online for bedroom inspiration and here’s a few I love (none of which are anything like mine but I like them all the same).

I’d love to share a pic of my room at the mo but it looks like a bomb site.

The beautiful wardrobe I bought at St Vincent De Paul was delivered a while ago and it’s mayhem in there!!!

Pics will follow shortly, promise.

pics & more inspiration from this lovely site

I was hoping to find more pics here at ABC Home Store in New York. However I was so disappointed with their website. I cannot tell you how stunningly beautiful this store is, it is AMAZING! I used to walk up to Union Square at the weekends when I lived in the East Village and wander around the store wishing my life away, thinking of all the things I would buy when I win the lottery and having it all shipped over to my cottage. Ahhhh daydreams, you gotta love them :o)
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