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Bloggy catch up

Apologies for another bloggy break – what can I say I’ve been busy dreaming/working 😀   
My creative work got pushed aside for the beginning of the year as I took on a few other jobs.  What can I say – being creative is good for the soul but not when it comes to paying bills!  I’ve found myself going back to where I started and working in IT.  I’ve been doing more and more private workshops with people on blogging (the irony!) facebook and all things social media.  I’ve also been managing a few social media accounts for businesses so it’s been a busy time!  
In between that I’ve been back at the cottage drinking lots of coffee

dreaming of making things (lots of DIYs to come soon) 

and the biggest project of all – re-decorating the cottage!
It all started in January – and I’m almost done!!! ALMOST
The sitting room and bedroom got their makeover first …

Will be posting all the after shots in the next few weeks.
My bedroom hadn’t been touched since I first moved into the cottage.
I was so glad to pull up the hideous lino that was full of holes from where I caught it when moving furniture!

I totally LOVE LOVE LOVE my new white distressed floorboards, they have made a HUGE difference!

I also painted the dark wardrobe, added lots of shelving and took off the end of the bed which makes the room much bigger.  

Since then I’ve had some stuff going on so I’ve had to press the PAUSE button on the redecorating but Spring has Sprung, the daffodils have bloomed and I’m getting back to it again.

I’ve also been ticking things off my Vision Board  – one of them being “Learn to play Piano”.  I’m really loving it !  I bought this keyboard over 10 years ago in Selfridges in London and had to get a bus and two trains to get it home on a sweltering hot day.  Since then it’s been in it’s box and everytime I caught a glimpse of it I’d say “one day” in my head.  Finally that day has been and gone and I’m now playing the piano.  Can’t wait to buy one for the cottage for a good old sing song 😀  Where I’ll put it is beyond me but you know me – where there’s a will, there’s a way! 

I do still find myself posting more to Facebook and Instagram so if you are on there be sure to pop by and say hello or leave your handles/usernames etc in the comments below and I will pop by for a visit. 

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