Christmas Decorations

0oooooooooooooooooooooh my favourite time of the year – putting up my decorations :o)

I lit a big fire and got out my favourite Christmas CD with Doris Day (Here comes Santa Claus) and Frank Sinatra (White Christmas)and spent most of Sunday and Monday decorating …

I got my first ever real tree … well my first real tree on my own and in my own house that is. They’re pretty pricey this year but this one I got for 35 euro. I decided to avoid buying a stand and opted for a terracota pot instead, lined with a bin bag and filled with sand. That way it supports the tree but I can also keep it watered :o) (and it saves me another 40 quid!).

Here’s the tree before I went mad on decorating

and here it is afterwards.

I had hoped to have nothing but my christmas pom poms on the tree but alas I didn’t have time to make enough so I decided to go with my market stall theme of red and white and decorated it with some red glass berry garlands, white lights (lots) and snowmen :o)

After the tree I put a wreath on my door

but it was looking a little sparce so I planned to take a walk up the bog and get some holly but my Dad obviously read my mind. I got home to this left on my doorstep ….

I think the holly made a big difference. That and my little robbins and of course a red and white polka dot ribbon :o)

Of course I didn’t stop there – the holly has been stuck all around the house

I have three trees up so far and lights on the bike outside so there’s more pics to come :o) Here’s the “white” tree to go with my “white” house …

Of course I have my christmas stocking too – hope Santa leaves me some goodies Christmas Eve!


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  1. Salma 11/12/2008 at 10:54 am

    You are so creative..! Impressed with your Christmas decorations.

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