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Blowing off the cobwebs


It’s been a super busy few weeks here in the cottage with workshops and other projects I’m working on so my walks have been few and far between.  Ok, they have been a big fat Zero!  So, this week I’ve set my alarm every morning to get up and walk.  Have I?  Nope!  But this morning I did.  I woke up and thought “right it’s time to blow the cobwebs off my trainers and get going” so off I jumped out of bed.

Ironically just the mere thought of the walk gave me  more energy, before I even got going I put a wash on, hoovered the sitting room and cleared the ashes out of the stove!  I have a solid two days of work ahead of me for a job I have taken on and starting to get that overwhelm feeling.  That’s what I love most about walking, it clears your head and get’s you more focused.

The funny thing is, my walk started out as an attempt at blowing away a few cobwebs but I spent most of it photographing cobwebs!

mmt cobwebs
I am just fascinated by spider webs.  The way every single one is so different and how they stay together even with all those dew droplets on them.  They seem so flimsy when you touch them but so strong when you stand back and look at them.

mmt cobwebs

Grandad’s bike they seem particularly fond of – it’s covered in them!!  I try not to think too much of hundreds of spiders outside my bedroom window working through the night making these webs eeeek!!!

mmt cobwebs


mmt cobweb

mmt cobweb

My walk didn’t last too long before Ruby arrived to announce that it was breakfast time!

mmt cottage

Hope everyone is having a lovely Sunday.  Drive safe in that fog if you are heading out!

Michelle x




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