I know my posts have been few and far between but there’s lots going on in the background in my little cottage.  Promise to share all with you soon!

I’ve been working on quite a few commissions over the past few weeks but unfortunately I can’t share most of them with you but here’s a few I can share …

The cushion and tea cosy set below is made of hessian and gingham .. my new favourite combination. Unfortunately I was rushing to deliver them so I didn’t take proper pics – the back of both is in gingham.  I love the tea cosy so much and I’ve had a few orders for some too :O)

The doll below was commissioned for a girl emigrating by one of her friends.  She gave me a claddagh ring and little angel brooch to pin on her.  I accessorised her with a little handbag so the girls could each write a note which could be kept in the bag.  I wish someone would commission me a doll.  I had a hard time letting her go :O)

What’s the nicest handmade present you’ve ever received?

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