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Daylight Lamp – I love you! (review)

(daylight lamp is in the corner, you’d hardly notice it )
The following is a review of the Daylight Company’s floor standing lamp. Full details of the lamp can bee seen here on their website.  The following is my own personal review.
Daylight lamp I love you

You make things crystal clear

You simply are the best thing

I have received this year (um besides my ducks!)

Before you came along

I used an ordinary light

But no matter what bulb I used

It was never really right

The bulb would get all hot

especially near my face

And I after working for a while

I would get an awful headache

But then along you came

On your super duper wheels

With your not so hot light

You’re the lamp of my dreams

You’re easy to move around

You’re also clean and white

You fit perfectly in my cottage

And make it easy to craft at night

I can’t believe I’ve lasted

for this long without you

you really are the best thing ever

oh how I do love you :O)

Ok, ok, you’re thinking this is way too good a review.  But I’m being honest.  And just to prove that I’ll give you some bad bits, which took me a while to think of …
The magnifying glass can cause a glare in certain positions.  However it’s also on a flexible arm so you can move it about. 

I find if you keep it more vertical it’s clearer and there’s no glare. 

Personally I would prefer a foot switch i.e a switch on the base to turn on and off.  However the switch at the top of the lamp itself is very handy.  You can just about see it (sorry) in the pic below, it’s the red button to the right of the light. 

The cable is a little short but then I do live in a converted cottage and I have about two plugs in each room unlike modern buildings.
A replacement bulb is 22.99 which is a little pricey.  However I’m hoping I won’t have to be forking out for one for a little while yet.
Now back to the good bits!
It really couldn’t be easier to put together. 
When I opened the box I initially thought “eughh, I might do this later” but I’m glad I didn’t leave it.  It’s all wired up and you just screw it into the base and that’s it!  It even comes with a plug! 
The base is on wheels which are weighted down which makes it
super easy to move around.
This is perfect for me as I tend to craft all around the house.  I  knit at the sofa, sew and make cards in the kitchen and do all my cutting and hand sewing in the spare room.   
The top of the light stand is also flexible. Again this is perfect for me as I’m sitting quite low down on the sofa so I can bend it downwards (see the top pic) or when I’m sitting at my sewing machine I have it behind or beside me extended.

Here’s a little comparison shot in my sewing room.  I took these pics late at  at night with no other lights on, just the lamps.

The top pic is with the daylight lamp and the bottom pic is with a normal lamp.  I can honestly say there is a HUGE difference.  I could never go back to using a normal lamp now.  Feel free to email me if you want to ask me anything about it michelle(at)michellemadethis(dot)com.

Not only that but …

The bulbs are energy efficient. 
The light doesn’t flicker.

So there you go.  If you want more details on this lamp, or other daylight lamps check out their website here.

Has anyone else got anything new lately that they now can’t live without??

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  1. This lamp sounds lovely! I need a lamp that doesn't make all those shadows over my sewing area too.

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