DIY Bloomers

If like me you’re a fan of bloomers, aka pantaloons, you will know how hard it is to source them.  Actually that’s not entirely true.  You can source them but they are either a) extortionately priced or b) from the Downton Abbey era and therefore TINY!  
So, armed with a pinterest board of inspiration, a boxset of Downton Abbey (not vital) in particular the above image that I adore from here, an old sheet (I kid you not but you could buys some nice cotton or linen), intermediate sewing skills, a determination, desire and need for said bloomers I set about making my own.  
I used a pair of pyjama bottoms as my pattern/template.  I just traced around them onto brown paper allowing extra width in the legs. 
I then folded the sheet flat on the table and lay my pattern piece along the fold and cut two.  You end up with two pieces of fabric looking roughly like this (when unfolded) 
If you are using plain white fabric (as I was) put a small mark on one side of each, or a pin, so you know which is the right side or wrong side.  Trust me you will be confused if you don’t.
Fold wrong sides together
 Pin and sew the inside leg seams on both pieces so you end up with two tubes/legs. 

 Then pin and sew the crotch seam , front to front and back to back.

See here – the back crotch seam is sewn up (lying on the table) 
It should then look like this – a clowns pair of trousers :O) 
All you need do then is turn over the waist, allowing a 2inch fold where you will insert the elastic.  Take your elastic, put it around your waste and stretch  until it is taught, that’s how long you will need it.  Insert it in the fold and secure by stitching into the seam.  

To finish the legs I used elastic in my bobbin to sew the gather and then trimmed the hem with some lace edging.

There you have it.  Super simple and pretty (I think so anyway) bloomers.
I’m dying to make another pair.  Will do a better tutorial when I do as I was too eager to get these ones made and didn’t take enough pics.  
Would you like a more detailed tutorial?
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