Filling my cottage with lovely flowers

I’m feeling a little teased by Mother Nature lately.  We’ve had some glorious sunshine where I’ve got myself all carried away opening windows in the cottage to let the air in, cleaning windows and dusting (downside of the sun is that is shows ALL the dust!) then ………… she takes it away from us.  
Seriously, what’s that all about?   We really need some sun now.  Can you actually remember what it felt like to feel the heat of the sun on your face??  I can’t .  Unless I literally stick my head right up beside my wood burning stove that’s as close to the feeling I can get :O) 
Big sigh!
However, I feel I need to be patient.  I was just looking through a diary from 2011 and on March 7th I have written about putting all the garden furniture outside, the sun beaming, planting seeds and clearing the garden so there is hope.
Until then I am filling my cottage with lots of lovely flowers. 
Beautiful snowdrops from my boyfriend’s driveway.  Aren’t they just stunning!

Pinkilicious tulips .. I think these were from Aldi!  They lasted ages !!!

More snowdrops :O)

And these roses were my bargain of the year so far!

9 stems for 35c in Tesco!  Yes you read correctly.  I didn’t get too long out of them but they were lovely while they lasted and for 35c who cares :O)

So what do you do to beat the winter blues?  Would love to hear your suggestions?
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  1. WinnibriggsHouse 26/02/2013 at 11:21 pm

    Beautiful flowers! I know what you mean about that sunshine! I have been chasing the blues away designing and making bridesmaid/party dresses for little girls from bright and breezy spotty cottons, satin and organza to go with the posh soft shoes I make. The pretty colours do seem to help!

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