Granny Square Love

I recently got this gorgeous book from Amazon.
It’s full of pretty pictures and projects all of which I want to make right now  :O)
I adore this lampshade and am keen to make one myself.  Although I burn turf in my stove which generates so much dust … I fear the lampshade will start out bright and beautiful but end up dusty and dated in no time.  

The cushion too is gorgeous but I’m sure my cat Ruby would think the same and little tufts of black hair would soon be sticking out between the stitches :O)

This stool cover however is something I might just be making.  I love it.

The bedspread is divine but the thought of weaving in all those ends is slightly (ok hugely) off putting to me right now.  Maybe I could start with the stool cover and progress to this .   Maybe?  Or maybe I could just look at the pretty pictures instead.

Typical me!  I look at all these lovely projects and colourways and do something completely different.   I’ve finally got a set of squares that I can stitch together (okay I have to weave all the ends in first YAWN!)

If you’re new to crochet I really recommend this book.  Not only because of the pretty pictures but because the projects are great for beginners – it’s simply a matter of making up lots of crochet squares and joining them together to make something lovely.  However if you have been crocheting for a long time I still think you will enjoy this book, even just for the colour combinations the author uses! You can see more of her lovely colour combinations over on her blog.

I will eventually make something with these squares …. eventually.  
What about you?  What crochet project are you working on at the minute?

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  1. Sue Pinner 14/02/2014 at 2:37 pm

    Hi, thanks for the lovely comments. You need to read the tips lol…and you wouldn't have ends to deal with at the end…..they would all be woven in and covered as you go
    Please you like the book, thanks
    Hugs Sue x

  2. Heather James 20/03/2014 at 1:05 pm

    You can also join as you go, and then you don't have to do sewing. The books looks lovely!

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