Health benefits of Knitting

I am currently knitting obsessed!
I eat, sleep and breathe it at the minute.

Not only is it my chosen theme in my painting assignment at college and the bulk of my Communications aassignment but I’m also organising an attempt to break a world record for the largest group of knitters in one place!  I think there should be a full stop in there somewhere but I’ll leave it out because reading it without a full stop gives you more of an idea of how I’m thinking at the minute.  I’m thinking fast and quite frantically!

So you will forgive me (I hope) for the break in blogging. 
I’m working on my report for college at the mo. Ok I’m taking a break and catching up on blog land for a few minutes, ok it’s been half an hour and I haven’t even made my lunch yet but you know what it’s like :O)  
My report is about the health benefits of knitting, something I feel strongly about.  I’m always saying “knitting is the new yoga” whenever people ask me about knitting or when I get interviewed and I think people think it’s just some sort of slogan I use.  It’s not.  I genuinely believe knitting (actually any craft) is extremely beneficial to your health.  I have always been creative and if I’m not knitting I’m sewing or drawing or baking or doing something with my hands and I can’t imagine my life without that.  I once applied to be on Big Brother, I think it was the second series.  I always think how lucky I am that I wasn’t chosen as I’m pretty sure I would have ended up having a Vanessa-like melt down because it really would be my idea of hell to be locked in a house with no way of being creative whatsoever, apart from cooking that is.  (Yes, I wonder why I applied too but that’s a whole other post).
In my search online I have found so much information from the US and UK supporting the health benefits of Knitting but not much on Ireland so I think I might start my own search.  In the meantime have a look at this video of Ann Hood, author of the Knitting Circle, reading an extract from the book which she wrote after the death of her daughter.
So what do you think? 

Do you think there  are health benefits to knitting?

Did you learn to knit at school?

Do you know if any of your local schools teach knitting?

Let me know what your thoughts are.  I’d love to hear from you.
On a lighter note check out this super cute knitting vid on youtube – Love it !
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  1. delia hornbook 02/03/2011 at 3:42 pm

    Hi, A great post. I love to knit to, infact i only taught myself last month and like you at the moment i am mad for it. I find it soooooo relaxing and it helps me unwind while listening to the radio in the evenings. I have just made a patchwork cushion but out of knitted squares, and have been knitting more squares to make my son a blanket, i was doing knit one purl one, but have just found out how to do Moss stitch which is so much nicer and it keeps its shape more, so i have scrapped all my squares so far and theres about 30 of them i know im mad in favour of starting the blanket again but only using moss stitch. Im loving it ;-)) good luck with your college work etc, dee x

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