Home sweet home

Hello peeps, how are you all? Missing your lovely blogs as I’ve not been online much this week.

My cottage has had a bit of an overhaul getting ready for my summer sewing camps. It’s scary how much dust you find when you start moving furniture!!! The camps are only going to be in my kitchen but it was a good excuse for a long needed clear out. Honestly I have so many bags for the dump I might need a trailer! On the plus side I’ve slept like a baby the last few nights. I’m a big believer in feng shui, a tidy home = a tidy mind 🙂

Due to the big clean up there hasn’t been too much crafting so I’m going to share a few pics from my cottage.

Remember this slate I etched (or whatever the word is for it??). I had totally forgot about it and found it between a pile of magazines in my spare room.

I have lots of wellies around the cottage with flowers in them. The patterned ones aren’t very reliable. I find they always tear after a few wears.

Remember this, my dad’s cattle trough I pinched last year? We gave it a lick of red paint to brighten it up. Unfortunately all my lobelia didn’t blossom this much but with the weather we have had I’m not surprised.

Well that’s all from me and my cottage for today. Still got some final bits of clearing up to do. This is the worst bit, where my kitchen table is full of cables, odd photo frames, balls of wool and heaven knows what else. Thisi is the point where I shove it all in a drawer because I’m sick of it but no I must finish it . Really? Must I? Ohhhh I know …..

Before I go …

I have two old sewing machines. This being the oldest.

It tends to sit on my window sill in my bedroom and gather dust and I’m thinking of spray painting it red and putting it outside …. A sewing alternative to a garden gnome. I’m not sure though, starting to doubt the idea. What do you think???

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