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If you’re not in you don’t win

red earth prize


Big shout out to the fabulous Red Earth in Mullingar for a whopping €200 voucher I won in their Valentine’s Competition.

With my Irish Mammy’s words ringing in my ears “if you’re not in you don’t win” I went for it when I saw the photo booth in their store!





That and the help of my lovely friend Ruth (taking the photos and encouraging me … okay okay not much of that needed) led me to winning the competition.








So off I went last weekend with my lovely mummy and spent the lot after a delicious breakfast in their eaterie.  What’s not to love!?

We are loving all we got with the voucher.  These dice boxes are just fabulous! Perfect for when Giants pop in for a game of snakes and ladders too !



In the meantime they are perfect beside the fire for holding ugly boxes of fire lighters and matches. Seriously why hasn’t Cath Kidston or Orla Kiely or any one!  considered creating cute packaging for firelighters.  Practicly every house has them – surely it would be great marketing !?!  I think I might be onto something here.


Aside from the fun and fabulous dice we also got two gorgeous bags and a set of adorable heart spoons.  Are you feeling the love?  Well get yourself off to Red Earth this weekend (stores in Mullingar and Sandyford, Dublin).  Their brunch, lunch, hell all their food is delicious and then you get to shop too!


p.s. enter lots of competitons … if you’re not in you don’t win ;o)  Let me know how you get on!

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