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Itching to get painting

So the cottage may be a tip, my to do list overflowing and classes starting tonight but what do I decide to do … Start painting!

Resistance is futile. The paint, and the cupboard were just calling out to me.

I love this cupboard. I can clearly remember the day I parted with 25 pound for it in a little antique shop in Sundridge Park near where I lived in London. It was a dark mahogany and of course I wasted no time in painting it cream. Funnily enough with lazy paint, the first of it’s kind on the market. Here I am nearly 10 years later, gosh it really is that long, using another type of ‘lazy paint’ giving it yet another makeover.

That’s the one thing I love about paint. It is so quick to give a piece of furniture a revamp. I was going to say cheap but this paint is €24.95 and another €11.95 for the wax to finish it. I just LOVE the colour though.

Is anyone else revamping furniture today? Would love to see/hear wht you’re all p to.

I’ll be back in a couple of days with the result of my makeover.

Have a lovely day xxx

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