It’s the little things that matter

It’s the little things in life that make it all worth while.

This week I’ve had a few little things that have meant a lot … and have been well needed, especially this week!

  1. A surprise parcel of christmas prezzies from my lovely friend Lucy.  Surprise because we agreed no prezzies and particularly lovely because she buys me the BEST prezzies ever!!
  2. A gorgeous chrsitmas card from my lovely friend Fiona.  It particularly stood out because I know she chose it specially :o)
  3. Lovely encouraging comments and emails about my blog and my recent makes from you guys.  Thank you xx
  4. My mum being at my beck and call all week whilst I’ve been working all hours.  The bottle of chablis tonight was particularly appreciated :o)
  5. The lovely Mary arriving on my doorstep tonight with pizza, biccies and camomile tea after I text her saying “I need help” earlier today.  
  6. And finally this.  I just checked my email and my tin can card tutorial has been featured on   :o)

How lucky am I?  :o)

Well I better say goodnight.  I’ve still got some finishing touches to make before my Country Cottage Craft Sale starts tomorrow. 

Have a lovely weekend x

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