K1, P1, PSLO ….

Since my appearance in Prudence magazine I’ve been getting lots of enquiries about my knitting group and this week we had two lovely new members, Dolci & Maureen (I hope I’ve spelt the names right!). In fact since I last posted about the group we have had several new members including some of the ladies daughters who are on school holidays. I took these pics two weeks ago but completely forgot to post them.

I’ve promised the girls that as soon as they finish their bags and neck warmers we will have a mini fashion show showing off all their makes.

And here’s my latest project … yes … another bag!

If you’d like to join us, we meet every Tuesday morning at 10.00 am upstairs in Harrisons Coffe Shop, near Tescos in Roscommon town.

Just cast on and come along!

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