Lavender Houses

So what have I been up to over the past few weeks?

Well there has been lots of sewing, teacher prezzies, cards and new baby gifts being made.   I’ve even started on some Christmas ideas! I’m also working on a little project for the end of the summer (more to come on that one but if you want to hear about it first you will have to sign up to the newsletter).

So what can I share with you now?

Well there have been lots of little cottages being made in my very own little cottage. 

I love chosing fabrics for the doors and windows
I’m tempted to add more trimmings like ric rac, lace or ribbons across the roof and buttons for the door handles but as these are for sale I really have to (this is the bit that is so hard when you are creative but in business) keep costs low.
Despite that I still think they are rather cute :O) 
A little bit of stuffing and lavender and they’re all done.
I’ve got a few more lavender lovelies to share with you too.  Just a few finishing touches … yes, just a few (said to the little business fairy tapping my shoulder, shaking her head, rolling her eyes to heaven and tut tutting).

Hope you’re all having a fun filled fabulous day x 
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