Let’s Get Organised

So here we are, already 6 days into 2014 and how many of you are falling back into old habits?  I’m sure I wasn’t the only one … come on guys help me out :O)

Well, that’s it .. I may be a few days late but this year is going to be organised … ORGANISED!!!

So to the tune of Let’s Get Physical let me hear you all …

Let’s get organised, organised, 

I wanna get Organised ….

Let me hear your fingers type …

Okay enough of the singing, we’ve got organising to do peeps!

First things first we need a calendar.  You haven’t got one … well just as well Little Miss Organised has done all the work for you.

Here are a few FREE downloadable (love those two words) 2014 calendars just for you.

Love this owl calendar.  Best of all there’s a huge selection of owl images which you can pick and choose for each month!  Download here
However there’s not much room to write things down so this one might be better.  Lots of empty boxes to fill with plans for the year :O) Download here
Maybe you want to get the kids involved too? They will love this colouring in calendar.  Download here.
Okay, maybe, if you’re like me and going for the super charge organised mode you’ll want more than just a calendar.  How about a calendar and planner.  Oh yeah, you bet ya, I found you one of those for free too.  You can get it here.  
Okay so we’ve got the calendars and the planners.   I think we need a few more things don’t you?  If you are anything like me you’ll love an old list.  I have them everywhere – in notebooks, diaries, on receipts, on napkins, backs of envelopes – I really mean everywhere!  However I’m plannning to keep them (okay TRY to keep them) in one place from now on so I’ve found a few … sing it with me …. freeeeeeee printables to help :O)
Loving this one, available to download free from here  
From the same site you can download this Daily Planner here
If you blog, like me, you might want a blog specific planner, all available to download here
I like this simple planner which I’ve shared before.  You can make your own following instructions here.  I like that you just print it once, stick it on the fridge (well that’s where I have it) and then use post it notes to up date
Finally … just for fun, how about this to round off your day? 
Available to download here
So there you go. No excuse now.  If you don’t like any of the above head over to google (or any other search engine you choose) and search for “free downloadable 2014 calendars and planners”, there are LOADS out there. 
I’m printing mine out as I type this post so I’ll be back soon to let you know how I’m getting on.

In the meantime if you find any other planners/printables that you think are good let me know, leave a comment below.  Okay that was a sneaky way of getting you to comment … please do.  I know there are people visiting and reading but not so much commenting .. come on now, I feel like I’m talking to myself.  Am I? 

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