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Inspired by my egg and soldiers the other day I started on some Easter projects :o)

I started out with the idea of knitting a bunny egg cosy. I say started out as I went a bit off the rails after that. As you can see in the pic below I was scribbling out a pattern and sketching out my ideas before I went a bit mad !

Once my colouring pencils came out and a couple of hours later, an actual knitting pattern, I progressed to chicks and now have all sorts of ideas up my sleeves :o)

I’m so engrossed in the ‘cosy knitting’ that I brought it to the hospital with me today (check up after my op) but for once, how typical is this, I had less than an hour to wait so I barley got a full one finished. So disappointing. But on the plus side my nose is getting better :o) Alas I still can’t smell or taste a single thing but it’s on the mend so that’s what counts.

After that I headed to Galway town for a spot of shopping. Not so great as it’s at that in between stage where the sales are on and some of the new stuff is coming out. However I came across a darling shop called Lola Rose. It’s full of lovely things and also stocks wool (aka yarn). Best of all they sell their products (and wool) online. Alas the website is a little disappointing as the shop is so beatiful but I believe it is work in progress and once you look at the products themselves you will see what I mean.

I bought this gorgeous book there. I’ve been wanting it after seeing it mentioned in Crafts Beautiful. Unfortunatley the projects are quite basic (for me) but this would be a really lovely book for anyone new to crafting or a little girl. Despite that it’s a gorgeous little book to have with lovely pics and well worth 10 euro when you think it costs an average of 7 euro for a craft magazine in Irealand!

I got this ‘M’ hook too.

I seem to have a bit of a ‘thing’ about hooks, I love them. So far I’ve managed to use them all but I think I need to stop before it gets out of hand. This one I just couldn’t leave. I also have a ‘thing’ about letters and words. What I’m trying to say is I’m a shopaholic … there I’ve said it. Ohhh but it is fun :o)

After all this shopping my friend and I went for dinner and despite not tasting it I really enjoyed it. The coffee at the end was fabulous though … again I couldn’t taste it but it came in a cup (bonus points!) and with a really cute little jug. I so want one! Where can I get one???

Ok it’s after midnight I’m off to bed!

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