Magical gates

The sun beamed in the window and woke me up this morning. A rare treat in what has to be the worst summer in Irish history!!

I decided to make the most of it and join my boyfriend in his morning herding. (for those of you who don’t know what that means it’s the term used to go and look at you’re animals, check they are all ok and feed them). There was another incentive for me though. We spotted a dear a couple of days ago so I brought my iPad with me to try and get a shot. Alas no deer today. Typical when I have a camera with me!

However there was plenty more to look at and I got lots of snaps for some new collages I have been sketching at home. Watch this space.

I love gates! Is it just me???

There’s something quite magical and intriguing about them. Maybe it’s my memories of reading Enid Blyton’s The Faraway Tree or the Famous Five books. You never know where they are going to lead or what adventures lie behind them. Am I alone here? I think I can feel a few eyes rolling so come on, get your wellies on and let’s go . . .

Mind the nettles!

And the thistles!

Hmmmm looks like it might rain

Let’s shelter here until it passes

Oh, here’s the sun and a some nosey neighbours coming to see what we’re doing

The phrase ‘never work with animals’ makes so much sense to me after this walk!

I really wanted the guy with the black face on his own but his buddy wouldn’t leave his side!

That’s it, walk over. Finished off with a lovely brekkie, cooked for me I might add. What a lovely boyfriend x

Have a lovely weekend peeps. It’s a bank holiday here in Ireland so I’m catching up with some cleaning in the cottage and hoping to get some blinds made with some lovely new fabric I purchased.

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