Midweek Madness at Midday

Hello all my lovely bloggers
How are you all doing?
Sitting here beavering away at my laptop with the sun shining in but with fingers and toes that are as cold as ice.  When oh when is the weather going to get better?

Hopefully this will put you all in a bit of a good mood … I’m having a bit of a 

Midweek Madness 
clearout/sale on Wednesday at midday so if anyone fancies popping along you can just head on over to my 
I’m going to sell off some of my old stock, and even some new stock to make room in my already bursting at the seams cottage for new supplies and new stock.
I expect to be selling most items at half price so there will be plenty of bargains.
If you could share this with any of your fellow bloggers/friends/facebook pages etc I would  be every so delighted but appreciate lots of you also sell your own handmade goodies so it may not suit.
In the meantime hope you’re all having a magnificent Monday!
I’m off now to …
Chat soon x

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