Missing manuals/I love the internet!

If like me you love a bargain you may have had a similar experience as moi!

I bought a breadmaker (AGES ago!) and due to my extreme state of euphoria at the time at getting such a bargain I failed to notice that there was no kneader blade in the machine – doh!

So today I decided it was time to blow off the dust and sort this out. I am sooo excited to say that I found not only the complete manual online (for free) but also the kneader part which I’m now having shipped to me. How fabulous. Pictures of fresh crusty bread coming soon!!

So I thought I would share these fabulous sites:

Click here if you need to find a manual for quite literally any type of household appliance!

Click here if you are looking for parts for kenwood household appliances.

Alas I can’t find a manual for my inherited food processor so if anyone has one of knows where I can get one it’s a Philips HR2374a. I’ve been lusting after one of these babies

(picture from the conran shop site)

Alas funds are low so my mum gave me her old Philips one which I know is just as good but it just doesn’t look as good. However it’s saved me a whopping 700 euro!!! All I had to do was put a plug on it which by the way I had help with again from little miss internet.

Click here for step by step instructions on how to change a plug :o)

OMG I just LOVE the internet.

I’m off to Amazon next ……

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