My week in photos

Hello my lovelies

Hope you all had a super Easter!!

I know it’s been yet another few weeks since posting and I need to accept the fact that that is just the way it’s going to be.  I’m busy busy with work, being an Auntie and now that the sun has come out, pottering in my garden :O)  I hope that’s ok.

However, I do update my facebook page and instagram regularly with snapshots of what I’m doing.  Are you on there?  Do pop by and say hello if you are. I particularly love instagram and sometimes I think pictures are just enough, you don’t need to hear me rambling on in the background really, do you??

Here’s a snapshot of my instagram account from the past week …

* Making bloomers – yes I made them (tutorial to come as it seems lots of people like bloomers, who would have thought)
* Paddling at the beach.
* Making Dolls (soon to be available in my shop)

* Making Bags (soon to be available in my shop)
* Watching Gogglebox – cannot tell you home much I just LOVE that show
* Drinking vino
* Enjoying the Sunshine
* Pottering in my garden and sewing alfresco
* Making smoked salmon roses and scrambled egg
* Deciding whether or not I should paint my kitchen shelves
* Spending time with the new love of my life … my beautiful niece Sienna
* Potting up geraniums whilst patiently (not) waiting for flowers to bloom in my garden
* Tidying my kitchen as I was being filmed for a TV programme
* Decorating my easter tree
* Flat out like my teddy bear tidying 
How about you? What have you all been up to? 
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