New Year New Me

Big sigh as I type this because I’ve written and re-written this blog post a few times! I’m also salivating thinking of croissants after uploading that image ūüėÄ

So here goes – final time ….

A few weeks ago I posted this on my personal Facebook page in a total knee jerk reaction to this video clip of Kate Winslet.


I’ll be honest I had no intention whatsoever of sharing this. ¬†I often see things that I love or that drive me made on Facebook and type a reply but delete it, but this time I hit post. ¬†My friend rang me a few seconds later, not knowing what I had done, and I was shaking!! ¬†I really was. ¬†I think that says a lot. ¬†This really meant that much to me. ¬†Not only the message Kate Winslet was putting out there about being the “fat girl” but me posting it on my profile for everyone to see. ¬†Holy crap!!

Then there was the response! ¬†Oh my God, hand on heart I was blown away. ¬†Not only by all the comments from friends and family but people that I barely know and the emails I received that really did make me cry. ¬†I know you’re probably thinking pass the sick bucket. If you are you clearly are not, or never have been “fat”. ¬† It’s so hard to explain and get across to people. ¬†It’s not a choice, despite what some people think. ¬†I never decided or wanted to be fat but I was and I am. ¬†However I’m now hoping to change that and thankfully, one month on have made significant changes that have resulted in my losing six and a half pounds. ¬†Happy is an understatement.



Tomorrow I’ll be sharing my Walking planner with you all to download if you fancy a walking challenge to start with as that is one of the big changes I have made.


If you are interested in hearing more about how I did this, with the help of Sarah Browne Dietitian, lots of motivation and willpower, and how I hope to continue losing weight and getting fit and healthy, keep an eye on this blog and instagram for updates. ¬†I don’t expect to be turning my blog into an online diary but I will be sharing snippets of what I’ve done and what’s worked for me. ¬†I try to use the hashtag #4less as my aim (my hope!) is to lose 4 stone. ¬†Likewise if you have started a healthy eating or exercise regime I’d love to hear from you. ¬†Share your comments below or post on facebook or instagram using the hashtag #4less.





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