New Year – Resolutions/Big Tidy Up/My Op!

I’m at that in-between stage in taking down my decorations. Part of me can’t wait but the other part of me can’t bring myself to take them down. I just LOVE my tree and it’s going to leave such an empty space when I take it down. I’ve already got a few ideas up my sleeves to fill it though.

In the meantime for each decoration I have removed I have decided to replace it with something else … so as to ease the withdrawal symptom’s :o). For starters I had a garland along my window in the kitchen which I have now replaced with lots of hyacinth bulbs in china cups and a teapot …

I’ve also used the ‘taking down of the decorations’ as an excuse to start one of my new year resolutions, which all seem to be house-related this year, and organise my spare/craft room. It’s taken me all weekend just to get space to walk around on the floor!!! but I now have two fabulous shelves made by me :o) (ok ok ‘assembled’ by me) to put everything in – at last !!!

I unpacked the pieces and thought ‘oh no’ but after counting all the pieces and following the instructions (yes I’m one of those people)

I ended up with a much better shelf than I expected for 34.99 in Lidl!!

The room is still work in progress so I daren’t post a pic of it just yet. It’s organised chaos in there!

As I said all my resolutions this year are related to my cottage. The main things I want to do are get my kitchen done and be as self sufficient as possible so I’m hoping to have a large vegetable garden and get three chickens, I’ve already picked their names :o) That and

– paint my bathroom
– paint my bedroom
– print off and frame my photos
– sort out my website
– get my etsy shop up and running

The list goes on …. In the meantime I’ve started two mood boards for my kitchen and garden

Luckily I also have my beautiful diary to record everything in and my notebook to jot down/sketch my ideas.

Finally …

I came across this in a magazine the other day and liked it so much I wrote it down.

Wishing you all a very Happy Fun Filled 2009.

I won’t be blogging for a bit as I’m off to hospital this week for my sinus op … let’s hope it goes ahead this time!!


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