New Year TV

After a pretty rubbish Christmas tv-wise I’m loving the January line up.

Generally anything with cooking, gardening, craft or interiors wins me over. 

Therefore I am L O V I N G ….

Monday night on BBC2 at 8.30 – Baking Made Easy  with Lorraine Pascale.

I loved the first show – parmesan lollies and those pastries with the blueberries were divine and sooooo easy to make !!

Friday night on BBC2 at 8.30 – Life in a Cottage Garden with Carol Klein

I love that this is Carol’s garden at her cottage and she knows it so well.  I also love how they show images of the garden in January but then show it in the summer too so you can actually get an idea of what things look like when they are established.  Why on earth didn’t anyone think of this before ???

I’m really looking forward to Sophie Dahl’s new show, also on BBC2, in which she tells the story of Mrs Beeton. 

The one I’m most wanting to see though is the return of Mary Portas next week to CH4.  Can’t wait see her new show where she’s a secret shopper.  Maybe it’s my age but I think an awful lot of shop staff are incredibly rude and incompetent, especially in specialised stores where they should have a basic knowledge of the products they sell.  It should be interesting to see what Mary discovers. 

Have I missed anything?  Anyone know of any other gems about to start??  I hope Nigel Slater comes back soon – I find him so easy to watch/listen to.

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  1. A Thrifty Mrs 11/01/2011 at 8:02 pm

    I watched the Baking Made Easy one this morning and loved it. I can't wait for the rest and I've already ordered her book!
    I didn't know Sophie Dahl had a new programme coming out. I shall keep my eyes peeled.


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