Paintings with a knitting theme

Sorry – again for lack of posts!

I really need another few days in my week.

Thankfully I’m off for mid term now so hopefully I will catch up.  Right now I can’t see how and feel pretty overwhelmed but hopefully I’ll get there.

I thought some of you might like these paintings.  I’ve spent the entire weekend scouring books in the library and trawling the net looking for an artist that “inspires or resonates with me” as part of a college assignment and after (finally) deciding on knitting as my theme I’ve settled on one.  I’ve chosen Johann Georg Meyer von Bremen as a few of his paintings are of girls knitting.  I really enjoyed the last painting i did with the knitted doll so I’m looking forward to trying out some more.  

An Afternoons Amusements
Johann Georg Meyer von Bremen

image source here
Tending the little ones

Johann Georg Meyer Von Bremen

image source here
Making a bouquet
Johann Georg Meyer von Bremen

image source here
Young Girl Knitting
Johann Georg Meyer von Bremen
image source here
Of course the more I researched the more artists I found so now I’m totally confused about who to go for !?
The Little Knitters
Albert Anker

image source here
Knitting Girl. Albert Anker
image source here
This is my fav of them all ….
A Careful Stitch
Emile Muniuer
image source here
assigmnet and then I came across this link here!  So annoying!   
Happy Wednesday everyone :O)
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  1. Heidi 27/10/2010 at 4:05 pm

    Those are just lovely, my favorite is the 2nd from the end!

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