Ready to drop !

What a week and it’s only Tuesday!

I think I’ve moved every piece of furniture in the cottage, well almost!  I’ve had a major clearout and tidy up and finally have a designated room for all my crafts.  Pics will follow – the light is just rubbish at the mo so hopefully (eternal optimist) the sun will shine tomorrow and I’ll get some pics to share with you all.   I just had to do something as my lovely cottage was being taken over and it got to the point where I couldn’t even think straight!!  Ever feel like that?

This was all not helped by the fact that I’ve been really sick with yet another chest infection so at this moment in time as I’m sitting by the fire with a glass of wine watching (multi-tasking) Kirsties’ Homemade Home I could quite easily fall asleep but I still have a few last minute things to do .

Why? I hear you ask. 
Well ….
I’ve got a tv crew coming to the cottage tomorrow
to film me doing some christmas crafting. 
Super super excited :o)
I’ll let you know when it’s due to air as soon as I find out.

In the meantime I found the pattern for the cute tea cosy in the credits to Kirsties Homemade home, you can find it here and even better it’s FREE :O)

I’ve also found some patterns for the knitted alphabet squares here at the lovely Little Cotton Rabbits blog.

If you don’t fancy knitting you could just download this free knit font from here instead :o)

Ok time to go. 
Night x

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  1. Kandi 17/11/2010 at 4:27 pm

    You poor thing, I hope you feel better soon. Thanks for the link to the knitting fonts, I love the fonts you did yesterday too, brill! Good luck with the filming at the cottage.
    Kandi x

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