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Ring Pin Cushion Tutorial

Thought you might like one of these handy ring pin cushions so I’ve put together a mini tutorial.

All you need is

A circle of material (about the size of a jam jar lid)
A circle of cardboard (about the size of a £2 coin)
Something to stuff the pin cushion (cotton wool, stuffing, scraps of material)
A ring or a piece of elastic that fits on your finger
A needle and thread

  1. Lay the material on a flat surface and place the stuffing and piece of cardboard on top.
  2. Gather the material upwards and sew in place.
  3. Once secure you can then sew the ring to the pin cushion.

Voila, you’re done!

If you prefer you can download the tutorial here.

Let me know what you think as I’m new to the whole tutorial thing and would love any feedback/comments.


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