Shed Chic Candleabra

A few weeks ago I had a shed party and thought I’d share my favourite make with you – my bicycle candleabra!
Take one bicycle wheel and a load of old jars, some fine wire and ta dah! 

You got yourself one super fabulous shed chic candleabra.

I’ve been wanting to make this for so long!  I’ve been collecting jars for years.  Long before pinterest came along I dreamt of a wedding in my Dad’s hay shed here beside the cottage.  I plan on having hundreds of jars with tea lights and lots of other shed chic decorations but I can’t give it all away …  just in case :O)

No sign of the wedding so I decided to have a mini version with a party in the old turf shed instead.
All the decor was homemade and/or upcycled.

I used an old bicycle wheel, some wire and empty jars.  Becuase I still want it to look pretty I used all jars the same size .. yes I admit I did go out and buy 3 extra so I had a full set!  I used mini glass jars (yoghurt).  I painted the tyre first with satinwood paint.

Then I hung the jars from the spokes using find wire.

I added some glass bead decorations I already had as it was looking a little plain.

Not bad eh?  What do you think?

Here it is on the night of the party.  The bunting in the background I made from fabric scraps and lace.

This is the outside of the shed.

I decorated the shed with jars of wild flowers growing in the fields around the cottage

 This post is making me want to have another party.  Maybe I should have an end of summer one?

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