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This isn’t anything crafty so I hope you’ll forgive me for swaying away from my normal blog entry. However I did ‘make’ this presentation and I did ‘make’ the vision board so it still fits under michellemadethis :o)

I gave a short presentation on Vision Boards on Tuesday night at our monthly Roscommon Women in Business Network Meeting.

For anyone in Business, or thinking about it, (in Roscommon)I really recommend you join this group and/or something similar as it’s a constant source of information.

The purpose of the Network is (quoted from the website)
to foster entrepreneurship among women in County Roscommon by providing a forum where they can make contacts, promote their business, develop their knowledge, network together and meet other women in business. The ROSWIN model aims at creating a synergistic environment where new businesses can be initiated and existing businesses can blossom

I’ve only been to a handful of meetings so far but have come away with something from all of them and this month I decided to give something back and share my vision board with everyone. I had told a few people about it and how it’s already working in the sense that a few of the things I wanted to achieve this year have already been achieved or are in the process of being achieved.

Click here to download the presentation on Vision Boards and here to see my one. I’ve added a few things since that pic was taken.

Just because there’s a recession and a lot of doom and gloom at the mo doesn’t mean that we can’t still achieve our dreams. I’ve even got my obamicon pic up in my kitchen with YES I CAN emblazened across it. That’s my motto for this year – no more, I can’t or what if’s just Yes I can and you can too!

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