Summer Sewing Camps

So here we are – the reason for my absence – I hope you will forgive me.
For the past few weeks I have been running Kids Sewing Camps from the cottage.
To say I have had Sew much Fun is a total understatement!
I started a few weeks ago on a grey, rainy Monday morning.   
After weeks of prep work my table was all clear with little squares of blank cotton awaiting seamstresses in the making …

Within a few hours the table was strewn with fabrics, beads, buttons and threads and the girls were sewing signs for their bedrooms

The mornings were full of chatter and giggles but by the afternoon you could hear a pin drop as the girls concentrated so hard and tried to finish their projects so they could take them home and show them off.

By the third day they had mastered hand stitching and applieque and went onto sewing on the machine where they aall made and decorated their own bags.

So proud!!

Then the last two days were spent making dolls

I love how they all look totally different despite all the girls being given the same instruction on what to do.

Didn’t they do really well?  Considering most of them couldn’t even thread a needle at the beginning of the week.  They all went home with a strawberry pin cushion, a room sign, a bag and a doll with clothes and accessories made entirely by hand by themselves.  
I’m so proud of them all.
Plans have already started for Halloween and bookings already taken !!
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  1. How fun and wonderful!! What a gift you gave them to learn to sew!!

  2. Cheryl Klarich 01/08/2012 at 2:06 pm

    This would have been my idea of the perfect summer camp when I was a girl! (sigh…)

    Bless you!

  3. Celestial Charms 01/08/2012 at 3:41 pm

    Sharing your talents with the girls is a blessing for all. They truly look like they had a wonderful time…time well spent!

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