Swap Shop Sunday Success!

This is a quick thank you to everyone for Swap Shop Sunday which was a huge success.

There was all sorts to swap/sell – magazines, furniture, baskets, mirrors, pictures, shoes, books, cds …. was so good that I plan to have another one in a few weeks.

So start collecting your stuff everyone!! :o)

For those of you not in the area I really recommend you do this with a group of friends especially in the current climate. It’s a great way to clear your clutter but also to get that shopping fix out of your system without a guilty credit card bill. How it works:

Email your friends and send them some labels with various prices printed on them and ask them to label all items they intend to sell before arriving. Ask them to bring an envelope with their name on also.
On the day the envelopes are left on one table so when someone picks something up to buy they look at the name on the back and put the label plus the money into the corresponding envelope or they speak to the person on the label and see if they want to swap something of the same value.

I hope that makes sense? :o)

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