Thank you Cheryl

This is just to say thank you so much to a lovely lady called Cheryl who left the most lovely comment on my blog (below), by far my favourite so far!

Cheryl, you didn’t leave an email so I hope you don’t mind this very public thank you. I just love receiving every one’s comments but this really was/is my favourite. Thank you x

I have wanted to write a comment for some time and now is the time. I absolutely love your blogspot, you have such a positive outlook on life and crafting. I have visited your site a few times since the beginning of the year and find it a delightful place to go when I have a few spare minutes on the computer! In January, I gathered a few girlfriends together for a Sunday afternoon “sit and knit” and told them about your site. Since then we’ve met again to knit and are planning a 24 hour knit over an upcoming weekend at a camp on the other side of Flathead Lake here in Montana. Michelle, thank you for sharing all your lovely creations, you are truly an inspiration!

Sorryall for yet another gap in blogging but I was in London for my lovely friend Lucy Lu’s 30th birthday party. That and the sun has been shining and I’ve been busy in the garden. x

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  1. cheryl 07/04/2009 at 3:56 pm

    I’m honored! Thank you for your kind words, you really made my day!

    (I’m not particularly computer savvy and realized I clicked anonymous!)I’ll happily include my email address.

    Cheryl Dawson Leach

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