The one day pillowcase

I’ve had a serious bout of the wanties admiring various crochet trim pillowcases on blogs and pinterest so I decided I’d finally sit down and do one myself. 
Not content with adding to an existing pillowcase I decided to make a pillowcase.  I have no tutorial – I just used an existing pillowcase as a template and sewed one upaccordingly. 
Then came the crochet.

I wasn’t quite sure what I was doing but after a bit of googling and practice on scrap fabrics by George I think I got it!

My biggest decision of the day after making the pillowcase was trying to decide what wool to use, the green or the pink?
As you see the pink won.

Lesson learned … not to use wooly wool.  I will definitely purchase some nice cotton for my next one.  Oh yes there’s going to be a next one.  In fact I think there could be quite a few collaborations with my sewing and new found love of crochet. 
Luckily on the day I decided to do this it was scorching hot here in Ireland so I spent the morning sewing the pillowcase and the rest of the day crocheting the edge.  Then I hand washed it (not sure how long that will last) dried it in the sun and finally …
 Brought it to bed with me 

I slept very well thank you. 
Nothing like that feeling of crafty contentment after a successful day creating – the crafty equivalent of that feeling after a really nice meal :O) 
Has anyone else tried out this technique?  Would love to see/hear about yours.  In particular what wool/yarn did you use? 
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  1. Amy C 01/08/2013 at 8:51 pm

    so pretty!

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