Three things that make you smile

Happy 1st of February my loverleeeees!

How did that happen? It feels like 5 minutes ago that I was packing up my Christmas decorations!?
How are your New Year resolutions going? I’m happy to say that I went the whole month alcohol free.  Not just for #dryjanuary but long term.  I decided the statement “I’m never drinking again was probably a little unlikely so I’ve added a twist … I’m just not gonna go totally tee total I’m going to drink only champagne 💕 the way I look it is I’m unlikely to drop a bottle of champers in my shopping trolley doing the weekly shop and guess what it’s working just fine.  I’m just back from holiday too and I had one glass of champers in the whole week!!

Lol I realise I am now sounding like an alcoholic but I know you know what I mean … You do don’t you …. Hello somebody speak …. 💕💕💕

So whats the plan for February? I think New ‘year’ resolutions are a bit full on so let’s take it in months.  What three things are you going to do this month that make feel happy and fabulous and put a smile on your face? 
My three things are 
1 – Read more 

As I said I’m just back from holidays (sorry not wanting to rub it in) and I read three books in a week. That’s probably the sum total of what I read all of last year!  Well maybe not but the week away has made me realise just how much time I waste watching rubbish telly when I could be reading a fab book which is far more enjoyable!

I’m really enjoying Lucy Diamond’s books at the mo, possibly because there’s almost always cake and coffee involved in the plot and of course a little romance 💕

2 – Walk by the sea
I cannot tell you how much I adore the sound of the sea.  I know it’s not just me.  There is something so invigorating about it that makes me feel anything is possible so I’m going to try and get at least two walks by the sea this month.  I live in the midlands in Ireland , the nearest ‘sea’ is over an hour drive so I think two walks is realistic.

In the meantime I’m listening a lot to this


3 – Bake more
I love baking but tend not to do it so much as I live on my own and quite often end up throwing it away but I’m going to look at some bake ahead/freezable recipes.  If you have any suggestions let me know.  In the meantime I’m baking Lemon Drizzle cake today.  Yum!!

So what three things are you going to do that make you 
feel happy

feel fabulous

 and smile 

Comment below ….. 

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