Time for coffee?

In amongst all of the chaos at the moment I love to curl up on my armchair (which I still haven’t covered!!!) with a few magazines and a cuppa … and this time a yummy marshmallowy/shortcake/chocolatey delight mmmmmm

There just seems to be so much to do at the moment. I’m busy organising tutorials for my workshops and ideas for revamping my website. I seem to be full of ideas at the minute and have been sketching like crazy in my ideas book.

I’ve almost filled it and January isn’t even over !!

Don’t get me wrong I love being busy but I’d love to be sitting at my kitchen table making things as I feel like I haven’t done so in days!!. Well apart from this little gift for a girl I know who just had a baby …

Let’s hope she doesn’t read my blog as I haven’t given it to her a yet.

Is it time for more coffee?? I think it might be.

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