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Tips on Surviving Lockdown

Tips for surviving lockdown … I can confidently say I’m an expert at this! I’ve lived alone for years, in a cottage in the middle of the bog (that’s country, for my overseas friends) in rural Ireland! I’ve spent days on my own without leaving the house … remember the big snow a few years ago? 10 days I was at home! It’s not hard! Just don’t think of it as TWO WEEKS. ☝️
The best thing you can do is take one day at time. 🤪 Try to have fun, use your imagination.
A few ideas …
☕️ Breakfast picnics … lay a blanket on the living room floor and surprise everyone with a breakfast picnic.
Lunch alfresco … get some vitamin D and pretend you’re on holiday … set up the garden with a table and try to eat out as often as possible
Go to a restaurant for dinner … in your dining room. Set the table, get the table cloth out, candles flowers, best china …
📚 Create a reading nook … a corner in your bedroom or sitting room with a throw and cushions and pile up your fav books and magazines. It’s just another space within your space that you can ‘escape to”  Check out my pinterest board here for lots of reading nook ideas. 
🎨 Create a craft corner or a box with all your materials that you can bring to the table. Gather your scissors, glue, pencils etc in one place so they are all on hand when creativity strikes.  Need some inspiration.  Here are some gorgeous spaces.  
👩‍🍳 Make cooking fun. Pretend your on tv with your own cooking show. Flick through all those cookery books and find a new recipe. Share recipes with friends/family
🖊 Write letters … proper hand written letters. Even if you don’t send them, write the letters
✏️ keep a journal – write it all out, how you feel, what you did, what you want to do
📞 keep in touch with friends and family – call, video call, social media … use them all but try and schedule a few times a day to do this rather than being on the phone all the time. Also, try not to talk about the virus … talk about what you’re going to do when it’s all over.
👗 Get dressed up at least once a week for dinner, or lunch or a pretend party.
🌟 Create a vision board for when this is all over. Places you want to go
💐 pick some flowers/greenery from your garden or hedgerow
What are your tips for lockdown life?
Keep positive #staysafe #stayhome

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