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What’s on your bedside table ?

I came across this tag on Janet Clare’s blog and thought I’d give it a go. It originally came from doolallysally’s blog (great name by the way).

So here’s what’s on my bedside table … or rather my dressing table as that’s what’s beside my bed.

Before I start with what’s on it let me tell you a little about the dressing table. It’s one of the first pieces of furniture I bought for my first house that I bought in with my boyfriend at the time. I absoloutely adore it, even though the drawers stick and most of the handles are falling off. I bought it for £65 at Greenwich from a little second hand shop. Alas the relationship didn’t last but I still have the dressing table which has moved with me everywhere and always seems to fit.

So on my dressing table:

My lovely pink notebook (received free with Easy Living Magazines) for those eureka night time ideas (aka remember to buy catfood or bring back library books)

My ipod – I LOVE music and always have this on as I’m going to sleep. If it’s not music I’m listening too is a meditation cd or Paul McKenna getting me to think myself thin. The problem is I THINK I’m thin until I look in the mirror :o) My favourite music at the moment is on my blog – I have a playlist called “blog music” on my ipod !!

My touch lamp – I live in a cottage on my own and like Janet Clare have an open fireplace in my bedroom. I have a fear of bats coming down the chimney at night so the minute I hear something (light sleeper) I love that I can just tip the lamp and it comes on. Even better, it has three different light settings so it doesn’t dazzle you in the middle of the night. By the way, the fear of bats comes from the house I grew up in. One morning I was woken up by my little sis screaming and there was a bat flying around our bedroom !!! I know they are harmless but scary nonetheless!

My earrings (some of which are hanging on the lamp) and jewellery. I LOVE accessories. I have so many earrings and necklaces and scarves and bags and shoes … this is what happens when you aren’t able to fit into top shop’s clothes – you accessorize like crazy. You get the ‘buzz’ of shopping without necessarily having an entire new wardrobe and the added bonus is you can wear them with so many other outfits so really I’ve been saving money all along … yeah right!!

Books – I just love reading. The problem is that I have so many craft projects on the go I seem to find it hard to fit in reading time. However, I have the advantage that I find it hard to sleep so reading tends to help me with that. I am a typical Gemini in the sense that I flit from one thing to another and am often reading several books at once, which I am now.

At the minute though I’m really enjoying The Knitting Circle. I gave a copy of it to everyone in the knitting group I was in in New York, Friends in Stitches (ladies you need to update the blog)before I left New York.

What’s lovely about this actual copy is that Amy bought it for me and, apart from the lovely story, Amy has placed punched out hearts in random pages that fall out when I read it. How lovely is that. Thanks Amy x

The other books I’m reading, or wanting to read next are:

Courage & Craft– this was recommended to me during a writers workshop I attended with Gotham writers in New York. It’s fantastic. I’ve read it twice but keep going back to it, it’s fantastic. Amongst all the knitting, sewing, card making, reading etc etc I just love to write.
Got you Back I read her other book, Getting rid of Matthew. Good beach reads, no thinking required.
Comfort Food – I received Kate’s first book Friday Night Knitting Club from Eva as a going away present before leaving New York so, like The Knitting Circle this has fond memories for me. I’m hoping Comfort food will be as good.
The Dirty bits for girls – this is on loan from a friend. It’s got all the bits from the books you used to peek at when you were in school. Very funny.
Over You – I read a review of this and logged onto Amazon immediatley and ordered it. I hope it’s as good as the review.
Life Begins – Another review impulse buy!
Knitting & Needles & Pearls – they are knitting related – that’s all I know about them so far. How bad am I !!
After you’d gone – Another purchase as a result of a review.
“>This year it will be differeint – This is the last book chosen from the book club I’m part of. It was before Christmas when we chose it, I better finish it before the next meeting!
Craft Inc – This was an amazon recommendation.
Lessons in Heartbreak – this was a christmas prezzi from my friend Barbara.

Sorry that was a little longer than I expected! I better get tagging.

Here are the rules of the tag:

1. Link to the person who tagged you.
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3. Write a post entitled “What’s on your Bedside?”
4. Tag six people at the end of your post and link to them.
5. Let each person know they’ve been tagged and leave a comment on their blog.
6. Let the tagger know when your entry is posted.

I’m going to tag the following:

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