Worldwide Knit in Public Day 2013

Better late than never right?

Sorry peeps but the cottage has been busy busy busy and with all my decluttering for a recent photo shoot I managed to lose the cable for my camera and despite having two drawer fulls of random cables not one of them would fit !  Eventually I found it so I have lots to catch up on …

Every year I’ve organised a PicKnit in the park for WWKIPD but it’s always been too cold so this year I prepared for something where it didn’t matter much if it rained and of course the sun shone!!
Here we are meeting up at Gleesons before heading off on our river cruise to Carrick on Shannon with Moonriver Cruises.

It was a beautiful day and if you haven’t ever gone on one of the cruises I definitely recommend it.  It’s only 45 minutes but a lovely trip and gorgeous scenery.  There are two guys on the boat singing for entertainment too.  Not really my cup of tea personally and especially as they spent the entire cruise making ridiculous jokes about knitting … all of which I have heard a million times before “will ya knit me a pair of socks”  “will ya knit me a wooly jumper”.  

What did everyone else get up to for WWKIPD?  It seems to be getting bigger each year.  I love that everyone around the world takes part.

It’s strange talking about knitting when we are in the middle of a heatwave here in Ireland.  I haven’t touched it since that day!  Needless to say all my knitting Nights and groups have finished up for the Summer, we’ll be back in September though.

Until then Keeeeeeep Stitching !!

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