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Some of you have noticed my lack of blogging lately, for which I am truly sorry. but I seem to be suffering from a rather long spell of creative block which is proving to be very frustrating. Because of this I decided to give my creative taste buds a treat yesterday and had an Artists Date morning (inspired by one of my fav books The Artists Way by Julia Cameron). I started out at Murphy Sheehy Fabrics where I priced lots of fabrics for a new range of cushions and toys I’ve been designing in my ideas book.

Then I crossed over the road and popped into This is Knit in Powerscourt Centre . I bought this gorgeous pattern book there and can’t wait to get started on my farmyard.

I definitley recommend popping in there as they have a great range of pattern books and beautiful wools and notions and handmade buttons.

After that I wandered down to one of my absaloute favourite shops in the world – Avoca and spent at least an hour ooooohing and ahhhhing at everything in the place. It’s even better than the Cath Kidston store – honestly !!!

By then I was pretty hungry so I treated myself in one of my fav eateries Leon If you like french pastries and good coffee you’ll love this place!

After that I walked over Ha’penny bridge and stopped off at the Woolen Mills. I’ve seen lots of fabrics there aswell so have loads of ideas for my new range of cushions and toys and fabric bags. I also treated myself to a few sewing ‘toys’ to hopefully get me inspired, embroidery hoop, bias binding maker, new blade for my rotary cutter & a disappearing marker pen.

My last stop was Hickeys on Henry Street. Probaly one of the only original fabric/wool shops still open!

Finally I bought this months’ Country Homes & Interiors which I lost myself in on the train journey home.

I would love to say that as a result of all of that I spent the entire day creating but alas not, more like cleaning, ironing, food shopping and homework for the course I’m doing tonight.

Hopefully I’ll be better tomorrow.


Even if I’m not I had a lovely lovely day and my head is bursting with ideas.

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