Knitting + Old Movies = Heaven

After weeks, actually months, of talking about my friends pregnancies I’ve finally decided to put wool to needle and start knitting gifts for them. Lucy Lu is due in only 9 weeks and Karen in November! Where does the time go???
I can’t share what I’m knitting in case they see them but I can show you this because it’s sooooo cute & I’m in such a christmassy mood.

I knit mine whilst watching Breakfast at Tiffany’s yesterday evening and started a second one as it knits up so quick.

I got the free pattern here

I’ve never seen the movie before and was tickled pink when I seen Audrey Hepburn knitting in it!! I would share a clip from You Tube but it’s been removed from Paramount. Instead, I found this lovely print of the scene with Holly Golightly knitting instead.

It’s by Ellen Lohse and you can purchase it here.

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