CD or download?

I’m an old fashioned girl in lots of ways
But especially so when it comes to cds
Despite working in IT
and being surrounded by geeks
I never got into downloading
I’d rather wait weeks
I love to have something to hold
for which I have paid
Not just a file on my laptop
which is so easily mislaid
I like to have the lyrics of the song
that let me sing along
I like to read the thank you notes
on the back sleeve
and look at the photos
which make the artist more real
I know all of the above is available online
and for free most of the time
which brings me to the most important reason I buy
So the artist gets the money
not some greedy online swine!
Currently loving the beautiful Kate Walsh

So are you a cd person or do you prefer to download? 

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  1. Angel Jem 09/06/2011 at 3:38 pm

    Both! It depends what I'm feeling that day. I download more often nowadays but then copy to CD at home, or playlist and copy. I don't mind not having the plastic cases hanging round. I'm clutter clearing and digital just makes that so much easier.

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